Jarid Altmark
3 min readJan 11, 2022

Can confusion be comforting?

For too long, I didn’t have the language to understand how I felt. I knew I never felt happy, but there wasn’t much of a stretch between sad, angry and stressed either. When you’re left without answers, it can be so overwhelming and confusing. I once got a fortune cookie that said the following:

Out of confusion, comes new patterns.

So much of my confusion is understanding more about myself and the world, which inherently includes the stuff I’ll never know. Introspective reflection combined with the courage to get it right, instead of being right will allow you to question everything you knew and know. While this may lead to an identity reexamination, and an unstable relationship with authenticity, it allows you to feel confusion.

I’ve been confused about if a literal god exists, why nothing rhymes with orange, why fingernails have to grow, and why Doritos are so addicting.

Confusion allows our imaginations to question everything we know and don’t know. Embracing what we know and don’t know is the most human thing we can do. That’s wisdom.

Confusion is uncertainty. A innate human response to uncertainty is anxiety. Anxiety causes physical stress, which is a harmful emotion to our physical well-being, heart and digestive system. Heavy quickly beating heart, matched with shortness of breath, and a tightening of…

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